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What Can You Do if No One Treats You Nice at Work?

Auxsy 6 June, 2022

It's not abnormal to want to work in an environment where everyone is friendly and respects each other. But the truth is that it doesn't happen much anymore. You probably have a greater chance of going to a workplace where no one treats you well than finding one where most workers are kind. Here are some tips if you don't know what to do:

Focus on Your Work

Focusing on your work tasks is one way to be less concerned with how other people act. It's not always easy, especially when working closely with individuals with a negative aura. However, you can try to hold on to what you love about the job and get into a zone that blocks other people out. This strategy will take practice, and you may not succeed right away.

Try To Break the Ice

As some people advise, you can attempt to 'kill them with kindness.' That may work for some people who have tough exteriors and gentle insides. But it might not be very effective if the workers are internally unhappy or hateful towards you for some reason.

The kindness rule doesn't always work, and that's a fact. Sometimes, it brings more negativity and even allows people to take advantage of you. You can try it as a starter method, but don't exhaust yourself trying to fit in or make friends. Let them be as grumpy as they want to be.

Accept the Free-Will Perspective

It's customary for people to treat others with respect and kindness, and it's good to be personable and warm. However, it isn't mandatory in all workplaces. Therefore, you'll have a more difficult time in an environment where nastiness is ignored or encouraged. You can only accept that those workers have made a free-will choice to be that way and avoid pressing the issue.

If you find that your job adds unnecessary stress to your life, you can always opt to resign. It depends on your circumstances and what you will tolerate keeping the job.